Jim Willie: BRICS Are Driving Dollar & Precious Metals Markets

The de-dollarization movement led by the BRICS nations is seemingly accelerating by the day, with new non-dollar trade arrangements being launched on a regular basis, while the list of countries wanting to join the BRICS also continues to increase.

So in today’s call, Dr, Jim Willie of The Hat Trick Letter joins me again on the show to share the latest developments he’s witnessing, and how new exchanges are being set up around the globe to trade assets like gold and treasuries.

Jim also talks about how the silver market fits into the overall picture, and why there’s been so much resistance for silver at the $30 level. He describes the precarious position that he believes the COMEX will find itself in as the precious metals trading becomes more decentralized and the ultimate effect that will have on the system.

So to find out more about the latest research of Jim Willie, click to watch this video now!