Janet Yellen: Interest Expense To Be 1% of GDP Over Next Decade

Janet Yellen has been making some interesting comments lately, as she’s been claiming that the US debt expense will be only 1% over the next decade. Which is well above the current level of 3.5%, and seems almost impossible given the current debt and interest rate dynamics.

Although ironically enough, there is a scenario in which she could be correct. However it wouldn’t be because of any of the economic strength she claims the US economy is experiencing, but rather a dynamic that would be a negative for society, yet a big boost to the #gold and #silver markets. And disturbingly enough, it’s actually somewhat likely to occur. Which we discuss in today’s show.

The show also covers some of the other dynamics going on around the Federal Reserve and the precious metals markets. Where the debate as to whether we’ve seen the last interest rate hike continues, as the market digests some of the latest commentary from the Fed and some of its governors who were out commenting this week.

There was also more inflation data out yesterday and this morning, which once again showed higher levels than expected. That leaves the Fed’s inflation battle in a precarious situation, as it continues its delicate balance of trying to reign in inflation, while also avoiding a collapse in the bond and banking markets.

How is it likely to all play out? Click to watch today’s video to find out now!