James Anderson: $30 remains line in the sand for silver

Throughout most of the summer months, the silver price was selling off as the Federal Reserve raised interest rates. Yet as the Fed has continued its rate increases, albeit now at a slightly slower pace, silver and gold have begun rallying over the past few months.

So in today’s episode of the show, James Anderson of SD Bullion talks about the volatile year we’ve witnessed in the silver market, and why he thinks we’ve seen this recent rally even as the Fed continues hiking rates.

He talks about how he feels that the $30 level in silver remains a bit of a ‘line in the sand,’ and how that’s where he feels the trading in the silver market will really change. As it’s a level that some market participants don’t want to see the price go over, as that’s where more mainstream participation is likely to begin entering the market.

James also offers an update on the silver premiums, which have come down over the past month. He talks about how some of the different buying segments approach the silver market, and how that’s affected the premiums. And also offers his view on how the whole situation plays out over the longer term.

So to find out more about what’s happening in the silver market, click to watch this video now!