Is the SLV trust a safe way of owning silver?

Is The SLV Trust A Safe Way Of Owning Silver?

There has been an incredible wave of interest into silver in the last week. Yet as many new silver investors quickly find out, there are a variety of products offered.

This has led to a lot of questions about the Black Rock/JP Morgan-backed iShares SLV trust, which has reported adding over 100 million ounces of silver in three days, on no notice, well there has been non-stop Panic buying add silver dealers around the globe.

I have yet to find one of my guests or experts who believes it’s possible that such a large amount of silver could have been added to the trust. I also understand and appreciate how important it is to speak carefully when you are not on topics like this at such a sensitive time, which is why I asked three other guests who I would consider expert witnesses that I would feel comfortable asking to testify in court.

So to find out whether silver investing experts Dave Kranzler, Chris Marchese, or Rob Kientz feel like SLV is a safe way to own silver, click to watch the video now!

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Is the SLV trust a safe way of owning silver?