Is The Demand For Silver Going To Go Away…

We’ve seen a significant rally in the #silverprice over the past few months, especially since issues in the banking sector emerged in response to the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes.

But where does the market go from here?

Of course, the future is unknown, and especially in the financial markets, there is always a wide range of possibilities. Yet when one considers where the Fed currently stands at this stage of its rate hiking cycle and then looks at the dynamics the market is facing, which now includes concerns in the commercial real estate market, it’s not hard to feel as if the demand for silver (and gold) isn’t going away any time soon.

So in today’s show, Andrew Pollard of Blackrock Silver talks about the factors at play in the silver market and also comments on the dynamics facing the silver miners. Which have been beaten up over the past year, but have started to recover, and stand to do well if the price of silver even maintains the current $25 level.

So to find out more about what’s coming next in the silver world, click to watch this video now!