Is the COMEX Running Out of Silver? – with Harvey Organ

Anyone who studies the silver market for any period of time quickly realizes that things are far from normal.

For years silver investors have been stunned by the amount of paper silver contracts that are dumped on the market and keep the price low. While at the same time, other counter-parties are taking as much physical metal out of the market as they can. Which as you can well imagine has created quite a supply and demand imbalance.

So how does it all play out? And are we nearing the point where someone shows up for their silver and there’s a failure to deliver?

Fortunately Harvey Organ joined me on the show to explain what he’s seeing on the COMEX, and what investors should know before it’s too late to respond.

To find out more, click to listen to the interview now!

Chris Marcus

June 18, 2019


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