Is 2023 the year for silver?: Craig Hemke, Dave Kranzler, James Anderson, & Chris Marchese

A few weeks ago we hosted SilverFest III, where in the final ‘ask the experts’ panel, one of the topics that came up is how long the current pricing environment can be maintained, and whether 2023 is the year where we finally see a higher silver price.

I was joined by Craig Hemke, Dave Kranzler, James Anderson, & Chris Marchese for this panel, where we took questions from the audience in order to answer what’s really on the silver investors’ minds.

In addition to talking about whether 2023 is finally the year for silver, our experts answered questions about how the SLV and ETF outflows are impacting the silver price. Whether governments might do selective taxation on precious metals gains if there’s a big move. And how the metals continue to trade in lockstep with the moves in the dollar.

They also talked about how they think the governments actually view gold and silver, and what their outlook is for the silver market in 2023, as well as a host of other audience questions.

So to hear answers to the questions that silver investors are asking, click to watch this video now!