Investors look to gold, silver as stock market languishes

After the stock market euphoria of the past few years under the Federal Reserve’s 0% interest rate policy, investors are again looking at gold and silver as stocks are down and the economy heads into recession.

On the first trading day of 2023 even CNBC was highlighting the gold market, and with inflation still high, while the Fed nears the end of its interest rate hiking policy, the precious metals are looking more attractive on a relative basis.

So in today’s show, Jerry Huang of Jemini Capital talks about what he’s hearing from the investors that he speaks with, and how they are viewing the gold and silver space heading into 2023.

He provides an update on the financing market for the silver companies, looks at some of the multiples of the companies, and talks about the all-in-sustaining cost of some of the bigger projects in the markets.

So to get an overview of the conditions in the #silvermarket as 2023 begins, click to watch this video now!