Inside The Gold Market – With Dave Kranzler

As we’ve all learned in recent years, there’s a lot that goes on inside of Wall Street that the public usually doesn’t find out about until after it’s too late.

Which is why we were fortunate to have gold expert and former Wall Street trader Dave Kranzler on Radio Arcadia this week.

Dave is the founder of Investment Research Dynamics, and he has an incredible background that gives his readers and clients financial market insight that’s not easy to find.

In our interview he shared what’s really going on inside the gold market, what the regulators are seemingly going out of their way to ignore, and how to find the incredible opportunities that do exist in today’s stock, bond, and precious metals markets.

So if you remember what it felt like in 2008 when so many were caught off-guard, and you want to be the one who’s prepared the next time it occurs, then today’s interview is for you!


-Chris Marcus

June 21, 2018


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