Impact Silver (IPT): High Leverage To Silver With No Long-Term Debt

With many investors expecting a significantly higher price of silver in the future, they’re looking for silver mining stocks that provide leverage to the potential move. Of which Impact Silver is at the top of that list.

Keep in mind, there can be additional risk if the silver price should move lower. Although if the price of silver does indeed rise, then Impact Silver is quite likely the type of stock you would want to own in that environment.

In this interview, Jerry Huang of Impact talks more about the company, the projects, and the risk-return profile. As well as how in addition to having one of the highest leverages to the silver price, that should the price of silver rise, they also have the ability to expand their production quickly. While holding no long-term debt.

So if you’re a believer that the silver price has some good times ahead, click to watch the interview now to discover if Impact Silver may well be a good fit for you!


Chris Marcus

February 6, 2020


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