How To Help End The Silver Manipulation – With GATA


Many in the precious metals community have become aware that the markets are being manipulated. As was most recently documented by the guilty plea of former JP Morgan trader John Edmunds.

Yet as the manipulation continues on, many wonder if there’s anything they can do to bring about the ultimate resolution.

And in fact there is. Because there’s a group called GATA (The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) that has performed a heroic effort in compiling the evidence and spreading the awareness.

It’s possible that some of the recent court confessions by the banks may not have come about were it not for GATA. And the group is one of those most responsible for creating the conditions where it seems like an end to the manipulation is in sight.

GATA is funded by public contributions, and is currently running a fundraiser so that they can continue to do their great research. To find out more, click to watch the video now!



To support GATA click here.

To hear an interview with Chris Powell of GATA click here.



-Chris Marcus

January 9, 2019


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