How Is The Silver Supply Going To Fund The Deficit?

Earlier this year the Silver Institute’s World #Silver Survey was released, and they showed that the silver market was in a 237 million ounce deficit in 2022.

Which is a sizable gap in a market where the annual supply is just slightly over 1 billion ounces. Yet even further exacerbating the situation, is that not only are the deficits in place to persist over the coming years, but the current dynamics in the silver market show little evidence to support that the imbalance is going to be resolved any time soon.

So in today’s call, I talk with Michael DiRienzo of The Silver Institute, Jorge Ganoza of Fortuna Silver, and Peter Krauth – author of The Great Silver Bull, and examine the current shortfall, and whether there’s any relief on the horizon. We talk about the conditions facing the miners, the growing silver demand as the world tries to ‘go green,’ and whether the situation is headed towards an outcome where we enter a silver shortage.

Especially in today’s environment where the pricing is dictated by the paper trading on the COMEX, it’s an interesting look at some glaring fundamentals, that strongly suggest a repricing may be coming in the years ahead.

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