Have we seen the bottom in the silver selloff?

After seeing silver fall out of the $22-29 range it had been trading in over the past year, it’s hovered between $18-22 over the past few months. Although with the Federal Reserve nearing the end of the tunnel in terms of its rate hiking program, have we seen the bottom in the silver price?

That’s what we discuss in today’s episode of the show. As well as how the FTX meltdown, that’s now spread to other crypto exchanges, might affect the metals sector, with the possibility that some of the money that’s been allocated towards crypto may seek the safe havens of gold and silver.

This show also talks about the gap in the silver and demand-supply, even outside of any monetary premium for silver, and how that will have to be met in the years going forward.

So to find out more about the latest developments in the silver world, click to watch this episode now!