Has President Trump Been Compromised – with London Paul

Have you been feeling lately as if it’s been getting more and more difficult to reconcile many of President Donald Trump’s recent statements?

Especially now with new trade wars, and threats of physical war, while at the same time the move away from the dollar has accelerated more rapidly than ever.

There’s a lot happening quickly, and I was fortunate to have London Paul of the Sirius Report¬†join me and explain what he’s seeing behind the scenes.

Paul has simply one of the best financial and geopolitical podcasts out there today, and in our interview he commented on whether Trump may have been compromised in recent months, how the trade wars might ultimately be resolved, and how international trading partners are reacting by repudiating U.S. treasuries.

It was a rather stunning interview about the incredible things that are happening as we speak. So to discover what you simply won’t hear from Wall Street or the mainstream media, click to listen to the first part of the interview now!


Chris Marcus

June 13, 2019


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