Has Federal Reserve Passed The Point of No Return – James Anderson

As the Federal Reserve continues to intervene in the markets at an accelerating rate, it’s fair to begin wondering if the Fed has passed the point of no return.

Of course one might say that they passed that point in 2008. Or you could even make a valid argument to go back to other points even further back in time.

But to see increasing intervention and expansion of the balance sheet, following a decade of low interest rates that never even got above 2.5%, is concerning to say the least.

Of course we really don’t even know how much money the Fed is truly printing, let alone what might be going on in other areas of the banking and government establishment like the Exchange Stabilization Fund. But lately I’ve been wondering if 10 or 20 years from now we will be looking back on this latest round of Federal Reserve intervention as one of the final nails in the dollar coffin.

Because if this is what the Fed does when it says the market is okay, then just imagine how much money they’ll create once the underlying problems that have led to this turmoil are finally exposed.

Which James Anderson of SD Bullion was kind enough to come on the show and discuss with me. As well as what it will take to finally get silver and gold back above their previous 2011 highs.

So to find out how it all fits together, click to watch the interview now!


Chris Marcus

October 23, 2019


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