Gold Spikes Above $1900 Level Following Latest CPI Reading

Despite a significantly higher Fed funds rate, quantitative tightening, and higher interest rates around the globe, the gold price broke through the $1900 level on Thursday following the latest government inflation report. A report showed a slight reduction in the inflation rate relative to last month.

Which of course leaves one to wonder what might happen to gold and #silver prices when the inflation rate is low enough for the Fed to stop hiking. Or what would happen to the precious metals prices if the Fed eventually sees conditions in the financial markets that force it to begin lowering rates again, or restarting quantitative easing? Which many feel is a mathematical certainty.

So in today’s show, we talk about the latest report and how it’s affecting the markets with Steve Cope of Silver Viper Minerals. He also talks about the margins that the gold and silver miners are facing as their production costs have risen, and how that’s impacting the market.

Steve also comments on the recent report of Saudi Arabia’s massive metals investment plan, Janet Yellen’s upcoming plan to address the debt ceiling, and a whole lot more.

So to stay up to date on what’s going on, click to watch this video now!