Gold Recovered From Elites To Settle U.S. Debt?!

For the second time in recent weeks I’ve heard an analyst suggest that the Trump administration has been recovering assets that have been stolen by the elites of former administrations.

To the degree that analyst Wayne Jett suggests that so much wealth has been misappropriated and recovered, that it could actually facilitate a financial reset that offsets the national debt. And even might facilitate a return to a gold-backed currency.


I wish I could tell you with precise certainty whether this is accurate or not. Jim Willie has mentioned something to that effect as well.  And given how much of the rest of what Jett talks about in the interview below matches what I have seen as well, it is certainly in the very least incredibly fascinating to hear what he is reporting.

One of the reasons I am inclined to believe that there is more likely than not some credence to his claim, is that when you look at the current geopolitical landscape, on the face of it, things just don’t add up. And I continue to get the feeling that there are things going on behind the scenes that are far different from what is reported publicly.

And with the continued ongoing investigations of the Clintons, as well as other high-level government officials, I continue to hear that we will be stunned by the revelations of the coming future.

So the premise that I’m hearing more increasingly often, that behind the financial scenes something big may be on the way, is again in the very least a plausible possibility.

Keep in mind the similarities between trading/investing and poker. You’re dealing with incomplete information, where especially in today’s markets, the challenge is more often deciphering what’s truth from fiction. Rather than just digging into a reliable set of data.

So while perhaps only time will tell if the information Jett presents is indeed accurate, it’s stunning to think that it could even be a possibility.

At the 13:58 mark, the host Sarah Westall asks Jett, “What’s the scenario that you see the dollar actually being able to be reset?

“I believe that one of the major aspects that needs to be in place is the recovery of stolen assets from the United States. And from other places for that matter, but certainly from the United States

We’re talking about tens of trillions of dollars that have been already found, from the standpoint that they have been invested from the United States just through federal accounts.

Then we have other aspects, for example the gold from Fort Knox….the gold belonging to the United State government. Basically, as I believe….I can’t prove it, is gone. And has been largely taken by operatives of the ruling elite who were in presidential power. And during the Clinton administration, for example, reputedly they came up with a leasing of gold from the federal government. That was basically rent free, and much of the gold disappeared in that way.

But there has been a good deal of assets of the United States stolen. And I suspect and believe that some of the operations that have been taking place during the Trump administration, including at the time that he went to Singapore….

That was the reason for a large naval presence to be in that area of the world. And there certainly are reports that some of those naval operations actually had to do with the recovery of large stashes of gold that have been taken from this country.

So perhaps we’ll have confirmation at some time that that has actually been done and those assets have actually been restored. If they are, then we could be in a good position to actually back the currency with sufficient assets to have a gold-based currency.

And if we were in that position, the reset could be done in such a way that people with dollars, the honest ones at least, could be restored to a much better position. And not lose all of their savings. Not be made destitute.

That’s what the aim of a currency reset would be. Is to do as little damage as possible to the people who have honestly been working and earning their currency and should not be put in a position that all of a sudden it’s worthless.”

Aside from how incredibly wild such an ending would be to the saga we’ve been watching over past years and decades, it would in a way be fitting justice.

I couldn’t tell you with certainty whether the crimes that the email servers allegedly document the Clintons, Bushes, and other elite members committing are actually accurate or not.

But let’s assume just for a moment that they are. And that the rumors that the Rothschilds actually have $500 trillion of wealth are accurate. Or perhaps that Michigan State PhD Economist Dr. Mark Skidmore and investigator and financial analyst Catherine Austin Fitts are indeed correct that $21 trillion dollars has gone missing from the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If these are the types of amounts of money that have been inappropriately or illegally acquired through banking and government operations, then it would seemingly follow that there are large pools of money out there.

And given that I deeply respect Bill Holter, Greg Hunter, Dave Janda, and others who have been reporting on the investigations that have been taking place, again it is in the least plausible to me that there would be at some percentage chance that the scenario laid out above could be possible.

Of course since I realize that anyone who even suggests that gold and silver might be preferable to Federal Reserve dollar is often looked at as if he’s landed from another planet, to be clear, from a trading standpoint, I would certainly also price in some probability that the above scenario is not accurate.

Again, just as in a poker game, we’re dealing with a set of decisions that is based on incomplete information. Yet while we can’t know for sure whether there is a reset coming, or what the elites may have planned, even if everything that Jett suggests turned out to be inaccurate, the case still supporting a substantial increase in the price of gold and silver remains stronger than ever.

And should Jett turn out to be correct in what he’s reporting…. then perhaps it’s just magical to sit down, close your eyes, and imagine how bright the future of the United States and the other countries around the globe just might be.


-Chris Marcus

August 23, 2018


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