Gold Price Stays Near $2,000 Even As Fed Keeps Hiking

One of the remarkable events in the precious metals space over the past year is how the gold price has rallied, even despite the Federal Reserve continuing to hike interest rates.

Both gold and #silver sold off sharply over the summer months of 2022 as the Fed was hiking at 75 basis points per meeting. Yet the metals have recovered over the past year even as the Fed has raised rates higher than expected. And despite the gold price being off its highs of the year, it still remains within shouting distance of the $2,000 level.

So in today’s call, I talk with Shane Williams of West Red Lake Gold about the dynamics in the gold market, how the market has responded in the past year, some recent bank reports on gold, and the conditions in the gold mining sector. Shane describes some of the challenges facing the mining industry and how the miners are faring with increased production costs, and talks about what he sees coming in the months ahead for gold.

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