Gold Price Rallies In Response to Stimulus: Jason Simpson of Orla Mining

Despite a brief selloff during the Corona crash, the gold price has been rallying again. Which comes as little surprise given that all of the fiscal and monetary stimulus is being fueled by the Fed’s printing press.

Fortunately, I was joined on the show by Jason Simpson of Orla Mining, who talked about why investors are turning to gold, and what they look for when they turn to the gold equities.

He also provided an update on Orla, which led its peer group in 2019 with a 95% investment return, has near-term cash generation at a high margin mine in Mexico, multi-national exposure diversification, and a basket of gold resources of over 10 million ounces.

So to find out more about the latest news in the gold market, and some interesting investment opportunities, click to watch the video now!

Chris Marcus

April 20, 2020


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