Gold Demand Continues To Soar In China

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While the price of gold has come in this week, it has rallied slightly on Thursday morning trading and still remains within shouting distance of the $2,000 mark. And one reason that the price has performed as strongly as it has, is that in addition to a strong overall level of central bank gold buying, China continues to be a strong consumer of gold.

Of course, there are numerous reasons for China to continue to buy so much gold. Because at the same time that it continues its de-dollarization efforts with Russia and the other BRICS nations, it has to also be concerned about the potential for sanctions, especially should it move forward with a conflict in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, concerns about the supply coming online of US treasuries continues to offer another reason to be diversifying assets, at a time when concerns of bank runs remain. In fact, the concerns are significant enough that in Switzerland, banking officials are considering new measures to restrict deposit withdrawals, which sets a disturbing precedent, and perhaps offers even greater reason for investors to have access to their capital.

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