Gold and Silver 2024 Outlook

While 2023 has likely seemed like a volatile year for gold and silver investors (especially for those invested in the mining stocks) the gold price is on track to close in positive territory on the year, and silver is still about a dollar away from breaking even.

Considering the Fed’s ‘higher for longer’ interest rate policy, and the banking issues that the market experienced earlier in the year, not only have the metals weathered what could have been a more severe bear market, but the conditions are in place for a positive year in 2024.

We discussed this in today’s show with Steve Cope of Silver Viper Minerals, as he talks about what we saw in 2023, and looks at some of the factors that will likely drive the price throughout 2024.

So for a recap of the year that was, and what to expect going forward, click to watch this video now!