Former Fed Employee Shares What It Was Like During Sub Prime Crisis


The Federal Reserve remains a bit of a mystery to many in the financial markets. Which is why I was fortunate to have Diane Maurice, a former co-worker of mine at Moody’s Investors Service who later went on to work for the Fed, join me on the show to talk about her experience.

Diane tells a fascinating story about how she ended up at the central bank during the sub-prime crisis. What she witnessed during her time inside the Fed. And her own thoughts about the Fed’s expansionary monetary policy over the past decade.

So for those wondering what the Fed might do next, click to watch the interview now!

(please note that the content in this interview represents only the personal views of the commentator, and not the views of any government or non-governmental entity)



To get a copy of Diane’s book on Fintech: Growth and Deregulation go to:

Fintech: Growth and Deregulation









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Operational Risk Perspectives









-Chris Marcus

February 5, 2019


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