Fed hikes have left silver like 'a beach ball under water'

It’s been an interesting year in the silver market, where demand for physical metal has grown throughout 2022, while the price has spent a lot of time below the $20 mark.

Obviously, the Fed’s rate hikes and quantitative tightening have had a lot to do with that, as we’ve seen almost all of the markets sell off significantly due to this reduction in liquidity. However as Ron Branstetter of the ‘Ron’s Basement’ youtube channel points out, the Fed’s policy, along with the supply and demand fundamentals of the silver market have left the silver price like ‘a beach ball under water.’

So in today’s call with Ron, we talk about how these divergent forces are being balanced in the market, and perhaps more importantly, how they will play out going forward. Especially with the Fed’s meeting announcement on Wednesday of this week, we will be getting some more clues as to their policy going forward, which will continue to have a significant impact on not only silver but all of the financial markets.

So to find out more, click to watch the video now!