Dr. Marc Faber: The Fed Started QE to Infinity in 2008

While the Federal Reserve still has yet to admit that it’s running another quantitative easing campaign, Dr. Marc Faber of the Gloom Boom and Doom Report explained how in reality, when the Fed started QE in 2008, that was the beginning of QE to infinity.

Dr. Faber talked about how the Federal Reserve has been following the script of the Bank of Japan for the last 30 years. Which hasn’t created wealth in Japan. And is not going to fix the underlying economic issues that the politicians in the west are doing their best to ignore either.

He discussed the manipulation in the precious metals markets. What’s happening in the palladium and rhodium markets where prices have begun to go vertical. And how he’s positioning both himself and his clients for what’s about to come next.

So to discover what Dr. Faber had to say, click to watch the video now!


To get access to Dr. Faber’s research, go to Gloom Boom and Doom report

Interview by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics


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