David Brady: Gold, Silver Have Room To Upside, But There Will Be Pullbacks

It’s amazing what a difference a week can make.

As just last week gold and silver prices were near their lows of the current cycle, with sentiment in the sector once again about as grim as can be.

Yet following a rally that began after the release of the latest CPI and PPI reports, the precious metals prices are higher, and a bit of enthusiasm has returned to the market.

As David Brady of Sprott Money and SilverChartist.com talks about in today’s show, is one of the emotions that can make trading and investing in gold and silver a real challenge. As it can be hard to be a buyer at times when the prices are low. The emotions involved make it difficult to go against the crowd.

Yet he lays out his assessment of where the market stands following the rally, and what he’s expecting in the months ahead. He cautions that while gold and silver still have some room to run, there will be pullbacks, and how being prepared for that in advance can help avoid costly emotional-based decisions. He also talks about the Fed’s policy and what he expects them to do at next week’s meeting, as well as going forward, and where that will leave the precious metals markets.

So to get a better idea of how fund manager and investor David Brady is responding to the latest developments in gold and silver, click to watch this video now!