Dave Kranzler: Why Is Fed Chairman Powell Already Talking About QE?

While the Federal Reserve and President Trump continue to tell the country that the economy is great, despite unending repo bailouts on a nightly basis, there was an interesting comment recently by Fed chairman Jerome Powell. Where he was already talking about responding with more quantitative easing.

But if the economy is so strong, why is he already concerned about the next downturn?

And why is it already a given that quantitative easing will be part of the solution?

After all, when the system almost collapsed in 2008 the Federal Reserve was talking about how these were extraordinary one time measures. Followed by former Fed chair Janet Yellen proclaiming that she didn’t think we would see another financial crisis in our lifetimes.

So which is it?

Fortunately, to get to the heart of the story, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics joined me on the show to break it down.

So to discover what the media isn’t mentioning, click to watch the video now!


Chris Marcus

February 24, 2020



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