Dave Kranzler: Why Gold & Silver Are Going To Be Just Fine

While Jerome Powell and the governors at the Federal Reserve assert that the economy is strong and well, the signs that this isn’t the case continue to emerge in the economic data. And in today’s episode of the show, Dave Kranzler looks at the evidence supporting what Wall Street seems reluctant to mention.

He goes through some of the latest economic data that contrasts the message being given by the Fed, and explains why investors would be well served to be aware that the economic conditions are not quite as good as we’re being told. Which is the primary reason why despite the Fed’s series of interest rate hikes, he feels that it’s almost a guarantee that more money printing is on the way.

Dave looks at the way the stock market and the precious metals stocks have responded in the time since the Fed began its quantitative easing policies, and what we might be able to expect going forward. And he also explains some of the constraints facing the Federal Government that are going to force these conditions to manifest.

So to find out why gold and silver are going to be just fine going forward, click to watch this video now!