Dave Kranzler: Why Gold And Silver Could Rally Like Tech Stocks

After a selloff that began in mid-July that took silver down to $22.50 and gold below $1900, the precious metals have rallied over the past week. With silver now $1.75 higher while gold is up over $30.

And in today’s show, analyst Dave Kranzler looks at the reversal in the pricing and explains the factors that are driving it, and what he expects to play out going forward.

He discusses the gold premiums in the Far East, the changes in the COT report, and the sentiment index, and why they suggest that the precious metals could eventually begin a significant rally similar to what we’ve seen in the tech sector.

He also comments on the recent trading in some of the silver stocks, that have seen wide swings, and how investors can be taking advantage of some of the moves that are likely to continue.

So for a look inside the gold and silver markets as the summer trading season comes to an end, click to watch this video now!