Dave Kranzler: What Really Happened With SVB, & Why It Will Drive Gold & Silver Higher

At this point, the market has digested the news that Silicon Valley Bank experienced a bank run and ultimately failed. Yet what remains much less clear is what specifically caused this to happen.

So in today’s show, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics explains what happened with the assets on SVB’s balance sheet, and why they became so problematic at the time that they did. He also talks about how the Fed’s monetary policy facilitated the conditions for SVB to end up in the position that it did, and why many other banks are likely still in a similar position.

And lastly, he explains how the Fed responded, how they’re going to have to respond in the future and the impact that will have on the gold and silver markets.

So to better understand what happened with SVB, and what will have to happen going forward, click to watch this video now!