Dave Kranzler: The Fed’s FOMC Deception Vs Actual Reality

The Federal Reserve held its latest policy meeting yesterday, and while it left its target Fed funds rate unchanged, it released a policy statement which once again painted a picture of the economy that’s a bit different from what’s actually happening.

Perhaps it’s not entirely surprising that the Fed would describe conditions in a manner that’s not really reflective of what the economy is actually experiencing. After all, this is the same institution that said a few years ago that the inflation we’re still experiencing was going to be ‘transitory,’ and that 15 years ago told us how the damage from the subprime mortgages was ‘contained.’

Yet fortunately Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics has no intention of letting some of the latest discrepancies pass by unnoticed, and in today’s show, he separates the Fed’s FOMC statement vs. the actual reality of what’s taking place economically.

He looks at the Fed’s statement and compares it to some of the recent data to point out what the Fed is either missing or unwilling to admit. And ultimately why regardless of what the Fed is saying, why they’re backed into a corner where the only way out is more printed money.

So to separate the Fed’s statement from actual economic reality, click to watch this video now!