Dave Kranzler: Silver spikes higher, Fortuna plunges on bizarre earnings situation

The silver price unexpectedly spiked 50 cents higher today.

Why today vs. any other day?

You’d probably have to check in with Ross Behnam of the CFTC on that one (although he did have a new tweet today where he says he wants to hear from the public!).

Or just accept that in highly corrupted financial markets, expecting them to react rationally at the appropriate time might well be an exercise in frustration. Although we do discuss the latest gold and silver news, and what Dave thinks is happening behind the scenes.

But there was also some news out about Fortuna Silver today, and with the stock down and many wondering what happened, Jorge Ganoza of Fortuna and Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics join me on the show to talk about all of the action!

So if you’re ready for your daily silver fix, click to watch this video now!