Dave Kranzler: Silver rallies after Powell says smaller rate hikes could begin in December

Silver has been rallying again over the past few days, with the COMEX spot price now back over the $22 level.

Jerome Powell’s comments yesterday where he talked about a reduction in the size of the rate hikes, possibly as soon as the Fed’s December meeting had a lot to do with that, and Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics checks in to share his thoughts on the rally, and whether it might continue from here.

Dave also comments on the recent news that Ghana is going to be buying 20% of its miners’ gold production in order to use it as payment for its energy needs. It is certainly interesting news to see another country using gold as money, as the world continues to make non-dollar arrangements for payments.

We also talk about how Dave sees gold being used going forward as the pressure on the dollar infrastructure continues to build. He talks about whether we will see a gold-backed currency, or just a revaluation in the gold price by the market, and how gold might actually be used once the debt loads across the globe are finally addressed.

So to find out more about the latest developments in the gold and silver markets, click to watch the video now!