Dave Kranzler, Jan Kneist: ‘A German Perspective On Gold, and The Dollar’s Road Ahead’

While most Americans find it almost impossible to believe that we could ever live in a world where the #dollar isn’t filling its current role, many Germans hold a different view. After the decline of the mark due to hyperinflation in the 1920s, the memory of that incident has been passed down through generations and is deeply embedded in German culture.

Fortunately, in today’s show, German analyst Jan Kneist talks with Dave Kranzler about his perspective on the gold market, and how Germans are looking at the current dynamics of the US dollar and its role going forward. They discuss some of the similarities between the current US financial profile and the conditions in Germany in the 1920s, and why so many investors continue to turn to gold as a hedge against what they’re seeing.

Jan talks about the geopolitical dynamics that are currently ongoing, including the war in Ukraine, and the global balance of power, and how these events are going to affect the future trajectory of the gold market.

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