Dave Kranzler: HSBC/Gold Traders Getting Blown Out By Fed Policy

At this point, it’s probably a good time for a quick review.

As we’ve talked about on the show for years, the bullion banks have been selling gold and silver contracts for which they don’t have the metal to deliver.

Now the gold price is rising, as the Federal Reserve has embarked on a hyperinflation campaign, and rather than showing any signs of slowing down, is amazingly getting ready for more.

So perhaps it comes as little surprise that HSBC reported it lost $200 million on a single day in the gold market. And given the Fed’s current policy, it’s likely that won’t be the last story of that nature that we’ll hear about.

To find out more and stay ahead of what the rest of the market won’t notice until it’s too late, click to watch the video now!


Chris Marcus

May 18, 2020


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