Dave Kranzler: How To Short A Financial Bubble

As the stock market continues to soar with the Federal Reserve’s printing press fueling the momentum, many can see that a bubble has formed. But what to do about that age old adage that the bubble can stay intact longer than most investors can stay solvent?

Perhaps there’s no easy answer or guarantee of when the bubble finally bursts. Yet like with most things in life, having a good framework in place and learning from past examples can make a world of difference.

So I was fortunate to have Dave Kranzler, author of “The Short Seller’s Journal”, and also a fund manager who successfully shorted the dotcom and subprime bubbles, on the show to pass along some ideas for investors to consider.

Which is not to say that there’s an exact answer, or perfect solution. Although hopefully what Dave shares from his experience in this interview will give you the framework to have greater success.

So if you’re watching the everything bubble and wondering how to trade it, click to watch the interview now!


To get access to Dave’s “Short Seller’s Journal” and “Mining Stock Journal”, click here.

To read the article Dave references in the interview, click here.

Interview by Chris Marcus of ArcadiaEconomics:


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