Dave Kranzler: Gold, Silver Surge Higher On Low Inflation Reports

After a sell over the past 2 months in gold and silver, the metals have rallied over the past 2 days, with lower consumer and producer price inflation reports providing the spark.

Of course, whether the CPI and PPI readings provided by the government are the most reliable indicators of how fast prices are actually rising remains a fair question. Yet with the numbers coming in on the lower side of expectations, fueling speculation that the Fed may now only have 1 rate hike left in the current cycle, the metals have responded positively over the past 2 days. And in today’s show, Dave Kranzler looks at the latest trends in the metals space and talks about whether the brunt of the selloff has been completed.

Dave also talks about the recent drop in silver’s open interest, the latest delivery numbers, and how he factors that into his outlook going forward. He also notes the similarities between the financial markets now, and what we saw back in 2008, and discusses whether we’re in store for a similar response in gold and silver.

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