Dave Kranzler: Gold & Silver Are Facing 2008-Like Conditions

While the banks and political establishment continue to praise the virtues of a robust economy, the signs under the hood tell a different story. The indicators of a slowing economy are there for those who choose to look, and in today’s show Dave Kranzler shares some of the data points that the mainstream is looking past, yet that investors would be well served to be aware of.

After a year and a half of interest rate increases from the Federal Reserve, credit conditions have tightened and left the markets facing an environment that has the potential to be similar to the downturn we experienced in 2008. Corporate bankruptcies are on the rise, and the US deficit is continuing to rise, despite a supposedly ‘robust’ economy.

Dave also looks at some of the unemployment data, tax receipts, and some of the other factors that are weighing on the markets, yet not fully priced in yet. And given the looming conditions, he analyzes how the gold and silver markets are likely to respond to everything that’s happening.

So to be aware of the forces at play that most financial commentators are not looking at or mentioning, click to watch this video now!