Dave Kranzler: Could Market Crash Drive Gold & Silver Lower?

In recent weeks Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics has commented on the similarities he sees between the current financial markets and what we all witnessed back in 2008. Although in terms of the precious metals, back in 2008 there was a big selloff in both gold and silver following the JP Morgan takeover of Bear Stearns, before both metals recovered and would go on to spike to highs in 2011.

So with bond prices plummeting, and increasing concerns in the credit markets, is it possible that gold and silver could experience a similar plunge this time around?

In today’s call, we discuss that question and look at the range of options that could occur as the financial pressure increases. Dave talks about what he’s seeing in regards to the falling bond prices, and also the evidence of continued deterioration of the underlying economic fundamentals in the US economy. He talks about how he thinks the Fed will have to respond, and how that response may come sooner than most of the market is anticipating.

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