Dave Kranzler: Can The Rally In Gold and Silver Continue?

Both gold and silver have experienced a significant rally in price over the last month. But with gold above $2,000 again, while silver’s over $25, will the rally continue?

Obviously, no one knows the future (although wouldn’t it be great if we did?), but in today’s show, Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics looks at the different factors that are affecting the market, and analyzes the most probable outcomes.

He takes a closer look at some of the dynamics within the Fed that most in the markets are overlooking, that provide some clues as to what they’re doing now, and will likely be doing in the months ahead. Dave also talks about how the Fed has been forced to participate in some of the recent treasury auctions, what that implies for the treasury market, and how the size of the Fed’s Bank Term Funding Program has once again begun to increase.

In addition to sharing how he sees this affecting the current gold and silver rally, Dave looks at some of the relationships between the metals and the mining stocks, and offers some insight into how the miners might respond. Especially if we do see a continuation of the rally.

So to get a better idea of where the precious metals markets might be headed next and what to be prepared for, click to watch this video now!