Dave Kranzler: Brutal Banking Crisis To Launch Gold And Silver

After the banking crisis earlier this year, there’s been a relative sense of calm in the sector. There have been some smaller failures since then, but so far we’ve avoided a wave of collapses like what we saw throughout March and April.

But does that mean the coast is clear and the worst is behind us?

In today’s show, Dave Kranzler lays out why he does not think that’s the case and the data that supports his view. He looks at the inner mechanics of the Federal Reserve’s Bank Term Funding Program, explains what the program has really done, and points out the signs of why the brunt of the issue is not in our rearview mirror.

Of course, he also talks about the impact he believes that future banking issues will have on the gold and silver markets, as well as how it will impact the gold and silver mining stocks.

With gold and silver rallying again this morning, amidst a growing probability that the Fed may well have completed its interest rate hiking campaign, today’s video provides a look into what will be coming in the months going forward.

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