Cryptos or Precious Metals As The Future Means of Exchange

While cryptos and precious metals are often viewed as competitors in a small market, there’s a good case to be made that they’re actually on the same side. And that both will play a role in our monetary future as we continue to witness the decline of the current fiat currency regime.

Because while gold and silver will likely always serve their role as a store of value (even if the majority of today’s silver is now being consumed in industrial application), there is a degree to which we live in a digital world, that’s based on instant and wireless transactions. Meaning that a reliable electronic means of value transfer does offer a lot of value. Whether that’s Bitcoin or any other crypto.

Fortunately Bitcoin Ben joined me on the show to explain how both metals and cryptos are on the same side against the Wall Street and Federal Reserve banking system. He also talks about whether Bitcoin was developed by the government, and why he’s still comfortable investing.

So to find out whether metals and cryptos will both be part of our future, click to watch the interview now!


Chris Marcus

February 25, 2020



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