Craig Hemke – Palladium Rally To Influence Gold and Silver?

Another great article by Craig Hemke of TF Metals.

Where he looks at the recent rally in palladium, and explores how that could potentially lead to a cascading effect in the gold and silver markets.

“What’s the point? In 2019, do you want a “magic bullet” and something that could lead to a force majeure declaration and exposure of The Banks’ fraudulent schemes? Watch palladium! What do you suppose will happen if, sensing Bank blood in the water, the “Bond Vigilantes” of yesterday become the “COMEX Vigilantes” of tomorrow? That’s the point.

Should the LBMA/COMEX palladium market fail and collapse, sensible people and institutions around the world will be correct to conclude that gold and silver operate under an identical pricing scheme. If there’s not enough physical palladium to cover the Banks scheme, and thus a price squeeze, then there’s not enough physical gold and silver either.”

Craig lays out some great points that investors would be well served to consider. So to read the rest of this great article on Sprott Money News click here!


-Chris Marcus

February 22, 2019


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