Craig Hemke: Is Corona Virus Responsible For Recent Stock Market Moves

With the unfortunate Corona Virus affecting many, especially in China, it’s not a surprise that it’s become the go-to rationale for most of the latest Wall Street market moves. But is it really the Corona Virus that’s causing the markets to go up or down? Or could it again be the Plunge Protection Team (aka the president’s Working Group on Capital Markets) that’s really dictating the action?

Fortunately, Craig Hemke of TFMetals joined me on the show this week to explain what’s really going on, and what’s responsible for some of the counter-intuitive moves we’re seeing. In the interview he also talks about the recent action in the gold price, his views on the JP Morgan precious metals manipulation case, and his thoughts on the meteoric rise in the palladium market.

So if you’re reading these Wall Street headlines and wondering what to really believe, click to watch the interview now!

Chris Marcus

February 13, 2020


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