Could Silver Fall To $18 If Fed Doesn’t Cut This Year?

In The Silver Institute’s recent World Silver Survey, one of the interesting comments that they wrote was that despite a record deficit in 2022, and another deficit expected in 2023, they forecast the silver price dipping into the $18 range based on their belief that the Federal Reserve will not be cutting interest rates in the second half of 2023.

So in today’s show, we dig into the latest news from the Fed, touch on their comments from their meeting last week, and consider how their policy might affect the silver price throughout the rest of the year.

David Stein of Kuya Silver joins me on the show to talk about the situation, and also offer his insight into some of the silver supply dynamics that the survey mentioned. Particularly in Peru, one of the largest silver-producing nations, where there was a significant drop-off in output last year.

He also talks about the recent mining law changes in Mexico, how that will impact the market, and why the policies don’t seem entirely reflective of some of the challenges the mining companies are already facing.

So to find out more about whether the idea of silver dropping back to $18 this year is realistic or not, click to watch this video now!