Apathy vs Ignorance
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Apathy vs Ignorance

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Here we sit on 7-17-21 with a likely downdraft in gold and silver on the short term horizon. Yet the conditions for major price appreciation seems logical. Inflation....fiscal insanity....Fed MMT on horizon. Then add growing silver industrial demand(Green deal & Belt &Road) and surging monetary demand. Seems like the ideal set up but never underestimate the apathy and ignorance of the mass of humanity. I wish there was and investment product tied to cognitive dissonance. I’d buy way out of the money calls on that for sure. 

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How about a Dunning-Kruger effect based index fund?  There is $MOON already but it doesn't quite capture the "cognitive dissonance".  Love your idea though.  

Haiti collapsed, South Africa collapsed, major riots in Cuba...societies are starting to break down, yet Ag goes down slightly and gold just hovers.  I can't believe everyone loves the paper trades so much, they need to hold real physical ounces in their hand.  Everyone I have hold even a 1 oz. coin is changed.