Clif High Webbot Silver and Bitcoin Update

Clif High was back at it this week with a new interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watch Dog.

Clif has become an increasingly popular voice in the precious metals and crypto currency markets due to his interviews and Webbot program. The Webbot is a program he developed that scours the internet to collect data and human emotion and then makes forecasts based on what he finds. His track record in silver hasn’t been so good, although he’s had some fascinating calls in the crypto space, as well as with political, economic, and social developments.

Clif is also one of the people I listen to most frequently, as his general body of knowledge is perhaps even more impressive than his coding ability and Webbot model. For someone without a background in financial markets his knowledge of history as well as what’s happening now is impressive. What caught my eye initially was his understanding of the manipulation in the precious metals markets, and every time I hear him speak I feel a little bit smarter.

Aside from his economic forecasting, Clif also shares an enlightening perspective on what’s happening behind the political scene. In his interview with Greg he talks about the value that crypto currencies are adding (even aside from the possible monetary aspects), how the system is leaving the dollar behind as we speak, and whether trade sanctions against Russia can realistically even be enforced.

As someone who is familiar with cryptos yet still in the early stages of learning, it’s always fascinating to hear Clif talk about the opportunities that these changes are creating. The current monetary system is far from ideal, but as I continue to discover the new technologies that are being developed and how they are being applied, I’m finding myself more and more optimistic about our future beyond the dollar.

Clif has been ahead of the curve on a lot of these issues, and to hear more about his recent interview watch today’s video now!

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