Central Bank Gold Buying Continues At Record Pace

The latest central bank gold purchase figures are out, and they show that central banks just set a record for the amount of gold they’ve purchased over the first 3 quarters of a year.

This comes on the heels of last year’s historic level of central bank gold buying, yet shows that the trend has not slowed. Which given the conditions of today’s financial and geopolitical markets, hardly comes as a concern.

The level of attention that the global markets are paying to the deficits in the US and abroad continues to grow, as more well-known investors outside of the traditional gold and silver community are speaking up about the problem. And talking a lot about gold as the solution.

So in today’s show, we look at the market conditions ahead of today’s Fed meeting, and what’s driving the change in sentiment that we’re seeing evolve on a day-by-day basis. To find out more, click to watch this video now!