Can Donald Trump Really Make America Great Again?

We heard Donald Trump talk about making America great again throughout his election campaign.

But if we take him at face value (always a little risky when it comes to politics) and assume his intentions are genuine, is it really even possible? Is there something Donald Trump can really do to come in and save the day?

In reality there were some big elephants left in the room long before Trump ever came into office. While the mainstream media has focused on the traditional issues, the big one that rarely gets mentioned is the monetary system.

The Federal Reserve is running a printed money ponzi scheme that usually works out a lot better for the banks and governments than any of the people. Obviously there is a lot of money and power behind these institutions, and many have little interest in seeing that change.

However if Donald Trump is really interested in making America great again, that’s where he could start. Printing inflation is a favorite weapon of the bankers because it’s not so easy for most in the public to understand, and it can go on for a long time until the currency finally collapses. 

Which is about the point that we are finally at. Of course this is going to bring about some significant changes in the way life and money works. Although when you think about some of the positive changes that could arise from an honest money system, there is a lot to be hopeful for.

So in today’s video we dig into the monetary situation, what Trump might do, and what ultimately the market will have to say about it all!

Make sure to watch the video and leave your comments below, and of course have an amazing weekend!

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