Should JP Morgan Still Be The Custodian of SLV

As the Department of Justice’s investigation into the manipulation of the gold and silver markets continues on, perhaps the most amazing thing is that the bizarre trading patterns that the market has grown accustomed to continue on. Even as traders are getting arrested and JP Morgan is being charged with the RICO Act.

Which has led many to wonder if the investigation is a legitimate attempt to get to the heart of some of the bigger crimes that have taken place in the precious metals markets over the past decade. Or if it’s just another good cop, bad cop routine that in the end lets the banks continue to do whatever they want.

Fortunately in part two of my interview with Bix Weir of roadtoroota he shared what he’s seeing, as well as how this situation ultimately has to unfold.

So if you’ve been patiently waiting in the gold and silver markets, and are wondering if we’re getting any closer to that resolution, click to watch the video now!


Chris Marcus

October 12, 2019


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