Bitcoin Ben Shares Donald Trump’s Plan For The Fed

While so many of the decisions President Donald Trump has made in the past 3 years seem contradictory and confusing, Bitcoin Ben recently joined me on the show to explain that there really is a plan, and how he expects it to all play out.

Ben comments on whether Trump would use an executive order to revoke the Federal Reserve’s Charter and move the Fed’s power back into the treasury.

He also talks about how the inverted yield curve is a representation of the bond market stiff-arming the Fed into lowering interest rates. Which he expects will happen, and propel both the metals and cryptos substantially higher. While possibly leading to a failure to deliver in the Comex gold and silver markets.

So to see one of the more stunning interviews I’ve done since I started the channel, click to watch it now!

Chris Marcus

February 25, 2020



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